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Special offers

For convenience of our guests MIROTEL offers optimal combination of prices and additional services in the framework of our special offers.

Spend days with your loved ones in the warm atmosphere of the hotel.
An unforgettable journey for two, complete immersion in the atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

You don't need to travel to another country to enjoy great service!

Our hotel is ready to provide maximum comfort for guests who come to us on business trips.

Mirotel has everything for effective solutions to business problems: conference rooms, meeting room, work area.

Leisure after official meetings can be spent in one of the 4 restaurants of our hotel complex.

Don't know where to celebrate your birthday?
Come to MIROTEL, because we have a special offer for birthday people!

Special offer for the best friends: spend the weekend noisy, fun and delicious! Especially for you, we will prepare a room with two separate beds and a certificate for 2000 rubles for dinner for two, and in the morning we invite you to breakfast at the restaurant on the Swedish line.

Wedding night is one of the main and most reverent in the life of newlyweds. In our hotel, three scenarios are possible at once for your holiday! You can celebrate a wedding, arrange for the bride's gathering, or stay overnight at the hotel for a carefree after-party rest.