In the territory of Mirotel there are grounds for guests’ leisure time.

We offer at your choice an unforgettable evening at the “Paris ”club, to realize your potential as a singer at “Grand Opera” karaoke club, to visit beauty salon and to work-out in fitness hall.

At the club you will enjoy  tasty dishes, uncommon and pleasant atmosphere. At the club you will feel at ease and comfortable. The club is in the basement floor of the hotel and is open from 20:00 till  06:00.
Details available by phone +7 (383) 362-48-48
At the karaoke room you will enjoy your own singing along with excellent food and drink. The bar is open in the basement floor of the hotel from 20:00 till 06:00.
Modern exercise equipment allows not interrupt your active lifestyle during your business trip to our city. Physical loads at the fitness hall are available to hotel guests around the clock and are included in stay price. Fitness hall is in the 6th floor.