Hospitable cuisine restaurant


SU - TH 12:00 - 00:00
FR - SA 12:00 - 02:00

Caucasian hospitality is well-known in the whole world because it is a custom in Caucasus to treat a guest as a dear friend, to express great respect and attention to him, proposing him the most tasteful food and best wine. Hospitable cuisine restaurant «Adzhikinezhal» — is an unique place where you can go into atmosphere of comfort, amicability and enjoy diverse, fresh, vivid and spicy Caucasian cuisine.

The menu, created by a Georgian chef offers vivid and spicy courses of Georgian, Armenian and Uzbek cuisine.

The interior of the restaurant is designed as a reconsideration and creative interpretation of the spirit of hospitable Caucasus: a few halls designed in different stylistics allow the guests to find themselves on a bright, full of sun Georgian terrace, at a comfortable sitting room or at a spacious dining room decorated with lacy wooden grating.

+7 (383) 375-88-08

We offer: breakfasts from 07:00 till 11:00, fixed price lunches, coffee break, banqueting and conference services at the restaurant for 20-40 persons.

Upon request of the guests we prepare knife-ready omelets and fried eggs.

Ask your hotel personnel for breakfast prices.

Breakfast smorgasbord menu of «Мirotel + a la carte menu

pancakes / baked pudding (puffs, egg pastry, croissants) / curd fritters
You may choose sauces and jam, honey, condensed milk
Tee, coffee
Dairy products
cream / milk / yoghurt / curds (upon request)
Hot cereals upon request - 2 types a day
(congee, porridge, buckwheat cereal, cream of wheat)
Meat and cheese products
deli ham (2 sorts of sausage, ham) / frankfurter sausages / bacon / cheese cold cuts / salmon fish
Hot dishes
string beans / stewed cabbage / steamed vegetables (either potatoes, or rice) / boiled eggs
Muesli and flakes
Vegetable cuts
Juices, still water, berry fruit drink
Assorted bread (wheat French baguette, rye French baguette)
Desserts (sweets, mini-cakes)